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Conservation Leadership Development Program (CLDP) – 

Year Long Positions



Mahalo for your interest in hosting a Conservation Leadership Development Program (AmeriCorps) member!  CLDP is one of a set of programs under Kupu aiming "to empower youth to serve their communities through character building, service learning, and environmental stewardship opportunities that encourage integrity (pono) with Ke Akua, self, and others."  Please be sure to read the full description of this program at www.kupuhawaii.org. 
  • Sites must be either a non-profit organization or a State/Federal agency, and must be able to provide participants with any necessary tools, sufficient conservation service, and educational experiences in Hawai'i's environment.
  • The host site fee is $20,000 per CLDP participant.  Financial aid options may be available.  Please see the financial portion of this application to apply.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at (808) 735-1221 ext. 2002 or via email at conservation@kupuhawaii.org with any questions. 

The deadline for all applications to be submitted is May 15, 2019.

Organization & Site Information

Please tell us the PROPER NAME of the specific site, section, and/or program where you are requesting to have Kupu participants serve.

Organization's Primary Point of Contact

Direct Supervisor's Contact Information

Back-Up Supervisor's Contact Information

Finance Contact for Organization

Financial Information

Important:  If you are not processing payment through your organization/site, please indicate that and identify where the payment will be coming from in this section.

MA/SOW Contact Information

Background & Impact

8.  Categorize the approximate percentage of service this position will spend in each of the following categories.  The sum of your entries must total 100%.

Site Details

Position Description

Please use this section to provide Kupu with the position description details for the participant(s) you would like to host at your site.

 Second Position Description

Host Site Acknowledgments

Please carefully read and then mark that you acknowledge and agree to all of the written statements below.  These are required to process your application.